Dude punches his way up a sheer rock face with no handholds. Either he's massively higher level than everyone else or he did something to make Epic Climb Checks.

Also to combat the derailment... or perhaps just play along with it, I really don't know.

Snowblathe (Swashbuckler ACF)

Level: 6th.

Replaces: Common sense, I mean you're taking level 6 in Swashbuckler (ok you could be a Daring Outlaw where this gets rather better)

Effect: When fighting in a square covered in snow you may attempt to feint as a swift action or, if you have the Improved Feint feat, a free action. Also while in a snow covered area you gain a +6 competence bonus to all Bluff checks made to maintain a poker face while playing a game.