Right... I'm up for a pretty 'open ended' design here. Well, at least in my opinion.

Can someone please make me a modern-day demonslaying 14 year old? Goes by the name of Lucy Furr, she's in one of the stories I'm making. Her general appearance is:

Long, red hair, quite curly.
Wears a trenchcoat- can be any colour- and has a belt filled with ammo packs, grenades, holy water and the like. Wears a tshirt underneath- but that doesn't matter, you can keep the trenchcoat buttoned up if you like.
Wears boots. Trousers can be jeans, or anything else you care to think of.
Wields a revolver.
White skin. And a Londerner, if that makes any difference.

Poses are open-ended. I was thinking about requesting this all day and I've decided to - have a nice time designing your 14 year old Demon-Slayer
A repost from the last thread.