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Greetings, OOTS avatar makers,

Long time lurker, now a poster at this forums humbly asks you for an OOTS-styled avvy.

Gender : male
Equipment : wizard staff with some kind of fire emblem (red gem?)
Any other notable features (scars, tattoos, etc.) - may be some kind of fire tattoo in the face.
Hair color - black
Clothes: may be a combination of yellow, black and red
Race - Human
Class - Wizard (pyromancer)
Pose you would like your avatar to be in - one hand holding the staff, the second wreathed in fire, prepared to cast a spell.

Thanks in advance


How's this? I'm not too keen on the fire - I've never drawn fire before on inkscape! Other than that I think it turned out good
Replying to this post from the last thread.

It looks nice, I would like to ask you for two minor changes, if I can.

First: Instead of the full-teeth smile, could you make him grinning a bit ()?
Second: The fire is great! Just make the fire burning upwards (like if he was conjuring a flame on his palm), and it would be perfect.

Thanks in advance!