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2nd-rate villain is trying to Bluff his way out - go all in
Lord is asking you to protect a murderer on his way to trial - let it go and do the job
2nd-rate villain gives up and turns himself over - stop fighting, take him in
1st-rate villain summons a group of demons - retreat and wait for backup

Oh, his bardness illyahr grants permission.
Illyahr's Honeyed Tongue (Bard ACF):

Level: 1st.

Replaces: Bardic Knowledge.

Benefit: A number of times each day equal to your Bard level when making a Bluff check to convince others of the truth of your words, a Diplomacy check, or a Gather Information check you may add your Charisma modifier if positive to the check (in addition to the normal Charisma modifier for them being Charisma based skills).