I'm just gonna make one for myself.

Warlocctid's Companion
Level: 3rd
Prerequisite: Knowledge (The Planes) 5 ranks
Replaces: Deceive Item
Benefit: A warlock using this variant may summon a familiar, as the Sorcerer class feature, except that the warlock does not require any materials to perform the summoning ritual, and suffers no penalty if the familiar is lost or dismissed. (He does not lose experience, and he need not wait a year and a day to summon a new familiar.) His functional level for the familiar is equal to his warlock caster level. The warlock can share invocations with his familiar as if they were spells.

Furthermore, the warlock gains Planar Familiar (see Planar Handbook) as a bonus feat. Add coure eladrins (see Book of Exalted Deeds) to the list of familiars available to the Warlock; they require a caster level of 7 and an alignment of Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, True Neutral, or Neutral Good.