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Fine. I give permission.

As a bit of explanation, because I do actually know what these things are:

Alternate Class Features- A suite of class features that replace specific class features at a specific level (or levels) on one class. Can be taken a la carte, meaning if you don't want to trade out your level 4 class feature, you don't have to.

Archetypes- A suite of class features that replace multiple class features (or sometimes add new ones) on one class. Must all be taken together, meaning if you really like that 4th level ability on the core class but it gets traded away... well tough. Archetypes that trade away the same class features cannot be stacked, but if they don't trade away any overlapping features you're golden.

Class Templates- Are Archetypes that can be applied to multiple classes. They're organized a bit differently, with each class' lost features detailed first, then the suite of abilities that they gain is detailed below (along with what level each class gains those abilities). Usually they include a number of options that the player can pick from to add to the class. Otherwise they follow the same rules about stacking that Archetypes do.

Racial X- One of the above three choices that is limited to specific races. Usually humans have some sort of bull**** way of getting around the racial limitations, because humans are obviously the best race ever. Also usually, Half-X races qualify for Racial ACFs/Archetypes so long as their X matches the race of the ACF/Archetype.
Born of Blades (Varies, ACF)

Replaces: This ability replaces a maneuvers known you would have gained, at the 3rd level or higher in an initiating class.

Effect: You gain the ability to make a short-lived masterwork weapon as a swift action. This masterwork weapon lasts for a number of rounds equal to your Initiating Ability modifier (use Wis for Swordsage, Str for Warblade and Crusader), or your Constitution whichever is higher, and have hardness of 5 and 10 hp. Alternatively you may infuse a single unexpended and readied maneuver into the blade when you create it. The maneuver is expended and as long as the blade is formed you cannot recover that maneuver. While a maneuver is infused into the blade in this way it gains an enhancement bonus to attack and damage equal to 1/2 the maneuver's level (rounded up) and weapon enhancements equal to 1/2 the maneuver's level (rounded down) chosen when the maneuver was imbued, you may not choose Bane (or similar) weapon properties when imbuing a weapon. A weapon with a maneuver imbued into it gains +1 hardness and +3 hp per +1 enhancement bonus.