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I give permission.
I'm in a creatively bankrupt creative mood, and for some reason I can't quite put my claw on you make me think of my favorite what-do-you-mean-he's-a-demon-not-undead? mage so...

Lich-Faced Warlock (Warlock, Archetype)

Levels: 4th, 12th.

Replaces: Deceive Item, and Imbue Item.

Grants: At 4th level you gain +4 on saves versus poison, sleep, fear, paralysis, stunning, disease, negative levels, and death effects. At 12th level your body undergoes further changes. Your type becomes Undead, but you retain your Constitution score and do not change hit dice to d12s (you retain immunity as if it were a nonability), and you gain Turn Resistance equal to your Charisma.