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    Yeah, it's a bit of a hard sell, but DB definitely feels a lot better to me.
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    can any one make warlock to telepath acf allows warlock to qualify for trallherd prc
    I need it for potential BBEG character
    Psylock (Khadgar)

    Warlock Alternate Class Features:

    Psionic Invocations: A warlock's arcane caster level is replaced with a manifester level. All invocations that refer to Caster Level improved with Manifester Level instead for the Psylock.

    Instead of improving with arcane prestige classes, the Psylock's Manifester level and Invocation level may be improved with Prestige Classes that offer a psionic manifester progression, such as "+1 level of existing manifesting class."

    The warlock loses the Spellcraft and Knowledge Arcane skills and gains the Psicraft and Knowledge Psionics skills.

    This alters a warlock's invocations and skill list.

    Hidden Talent: At second level, the Psylock gains the hidden talent feat.

    This replaces Detect Magic and Deceive Item.

    Imbue Psionic Item: Imbue Item (Su): The Psylock's Imbue Item ability may only be used, and only used, to craft items that require psionic power. The Psylock may substitute a psionic power requirement for an item with a Use Magic device Check (15+the power level).

    This alters Imbue Item.
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    All gaming systems should be terribly flawed and exploitable if you want everyone to be happy with them. This allows for a wide variety of power levels for games for different levels of players.
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