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we are giantitp, we reference everything to optimize the plot in the most convoluted way we can think of.

edit: we are far worse than any movie writer or tv writer i can think of.
edit2: I take that back I can think of one thing that is at least as convoluted. Faction Paradox from the Doctor Who universe.
I think we can take solace in the fact that we will never outmatch M. Night Shamalyan (or whatever his name is) in thinking up stupid plot-twists... I mean, the guy is a freaking walking idiot ball when it comes to plot. (also, there was never a live action legend of airbender movie).

Zyados, this one is for you!

Knight of the Dragon

Varies ACF; replaces the mount class feature or animal companion
Requisite: must be a chosen of Bahamut, but not have undergone the rite of rebirth
Restrictions: May not be a druid
Alignment: Lawful Good or Chaotic Good

Draconic Compatriot:at the level where the character would normally gain the mount or animal companion the character gains metallic dragon instead. the dragon will have the exact same amount of hitdice as the character and its alignment matches that of the character.