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I wouldn't have suggested hexblade, in fact I would have predicted any of the classes out of the ToM being a go to as the base, but ultimately I think that works out quite nicely. Thank you very much.

From where i stand, the touch of the plane of shadow (or the far realm, or other such things) works out wonderfully, at least in terms of flavor.
Wanted to do something interesting. I mean I could have made.

Shadowsoul Mage (Shadowcaster Archetype?)

Levels: 2nd, 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th.

Loses: Bonus feats (you get none of them, none), Sustaining Shadow.

Gains: At 2nd level you gain a point of essentia and Shadowsoul Casting.

Shadowsoul Casting (Su): You may invest essentia into Shadowsoul Casting (up to your essentia capacity). For each point of essentia you invest into this class feature you gain a +2 bonus to Concentration checks related to the use of your mysteries, a +1 on checks to overcome spell resistance with mysteries, and a +1 to the DC to dispel your mysteries.

At 5th level you gain another point of essentia and the ability to bind a single soulmeld, unlocking your crown chakra. This does not grant you the ability to shape a soulmeld.

At 8th level you gain an additional point of essentia.

At 10th level you gain an additional point of essentia and Shadowsoul Cloak.

Shadowsoul Cloak (Su): You may invest essentia into Shadowsoul Cloak (up to your essentia capacity). Each point of essentia invested into your shadowsoul cloak seems to make your shadow grow larger and more active, strangely moving free of you. Your shadow moves to cloak and shield, providing a 5% miss chance to those within it for each point of essentia invested into it; creatures able to see in magical darkness may ignore this miss chance. This miss chance is considered to be granted by concealment and does not stack with concealment; if at least 4 points of essentia are invested into this ability creatures within it are considered to have concealment although creatures that can see in magical darkness ignore this. With 1 point of essentia invested into this soulmeld this shadow fills your square, for each additional point it extends 5 feet away from you in all directions.

At 14th level you gain the ability to expend a daily use of a mystery to grant yourself an amount of temporary essentia equal to its level for a number of minutes equal to 10 times your Charisma modifier (minimum 10 minutes).

At 15th level you gain an additional point of essentia and the ability to form a 2nd chakra bind. You may also unlock any one Least or Lesser chakra.

At 20th level you gain 2 additional points of essentia, and the ability to invest essentia into their mysteries. Once essentia is invested into a mystery you may not remove it from the mystery until you regain mysteries for the day. Each point of essentia invested into a mystery increases your caster level for that mystery by 1, and every 2 points increases its save DC by 1.

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You doubt LoyalPaladin and Zaydos? We are...

We make a nice tag team!
Well occasionally a god of creation must do what is necessary to make such creation simpler.

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Hmmm, well played zaydos, well played. Now i absolutely must make a shadowcaster something for someone, otherwise i'm just mooching off these threads. Not that that isn't entirely true... but it's rude. I think i have some ideas, but it will have to wait till tomorrow or sunday cause life is busy. Plus i'm still a little down about never being able to get through that writer's block problem i had for the elder evils.
Writer's block happens, sometimes it's just unavoidable.

this just makes me think of this song.
Fun song.