Repost from last thread. :)

Would someone make me a pair of hafling twins?

They don't have to be identical - ie they can have different faces/features, but they should be similar in size. I'm not picky about hair color, skin tone.
I would like permission from whoever creates them to allow me to cut and move them around/edit the picture. I will save and host the picture from my own photobucket. I'm going to have them appear acrobatic when I use them, thus I want to occasionally change them from standing side by side to standing one on top of the other, etc....
To assist that, can I have them with their hands raised jubilantly, so that if I do put them on top of each other, with a little editing I can make it appear as though one is holding the other one up (hands holding feet).
I would like them both to be in chef's outfits. Go ahead and give one of them a knife in his belt and the other a whisk. Both should be happy, but not neccesarily smiling.

Thank you to whomever creates them with all the rules I have above. I intend to use them in the town thread, and figured it'd be easier to go with this rather then requesting a new avatar of them drawn anytime I want to adjust the pose.

I shall name them Beymar and Emiralk.