Here's one. Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to make this - you rock already.

Name: David Lenseth (Basis character behind my name)
Gender: Male
Equipment: WWII P-Coat, Blue goggles, Magic Sword (Now, here's where things get tricky. This sucker's enchanted with both Flaming burst and Icy burst. Both should not be blaringly evident, but there should be some hint. The sword itself is an unusually long, thin longsword, but not a rapier!), hiking boots ... and pants. Can't forget the pants.
Notables: Blue eyes. Other than that, I got nothin'.
Skin: Nothing special.
Hair color: Metallic blue. Spikes.
Race: Human.
Class: Fighter 8 / Wizard 8
Pose: Sword out, pointed down. Other hand doing... anything? Smiling.

Again, thank you guys!