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Thread: GiP Regulars as Wondrous Items

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    Threadnaught's Bag of Mundane Objects
    Price: 450 GP.
    Body Slot: -
    Caster Level: 9th.
    Aura: Moderate; DC 20 Conjuration.
    Activation: Move (manipulation)
    Weight: 1/2 lb.

    This ratty looking gray bag, patched with brown, looks much like something that any respectable adventurer will eventually possess. However you can, as a move action, reach into it and pull out any single mundane object. Only 400 GP worth of objects can be pulled free from a Bag of Mundane Objects, at which point it becomes inert, simply another patched up adventurer's sack.

    Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Major Creation
    Cost to Create: 225 GP, 18 XP, 1 day.
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