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Thread: GiP Regulars as Wondrous Items

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    IZ's Sash of Annoy Monster
    Price: 12,000 GP.
    Body Slot: Waist
    Caster Level: 12th.
    Aura: Strong; DC 19 Enchantment.
    Activation: Swift (command word)
    Weight: -.

    This red silk sash is made to be worn around the waist. While worn it can be activated with a swift word, inducing rage and anger in nearby creatures forcing them to attack you. When you use this sash all creatures within 15-ft of you must make a Will save (DC 19) or have their attitude towards you reduced by 1 grade and be unable to make attacks which do not include you among their target unless they're an attack of opportunity, they lack line of sight or line of effect towards you, or you're dead; this effect lasts 1 minute. You may only activate the sash 3 times per day.

    Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Rage, Caster Level 12th.
    Cost to Create: 6000 GP and 480 XP.

    Not really sure about the price.
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