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Permission Granted.
Elric's Bracers of Initiation
Price: 65,000 GP.
Body Slot: Arms
Caster Level: 15th.
Aura: Strong; DC 20 Divination.
Activation: - and 1 minute.
Weight: 1/2 lb.

These electrum bracers take the form of a pair of stylized representations of chain weapons tying together as they interweave around the wearer's arms. While worn the wearer gains a +2 insight bonus to attack rolls made as part of Strikes. In addition once per day the wearer may spend 1 minute in concentration to store up to three different martial maneuvers into the bracers (this expends these maneuvers). After which any creature wearing the bracers which meets their prerequisites (they do not need to meet minimum IL) can use these maneuvers as if they had them readied and unexpended; doing so empties the bracers of the used maneuver.

Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Martial Lore 8 ranks or Knowledge (Martial) 5 ranks, True Strike, Moment of Prescience.
Cost to Create: 32,500 GP and 2600 XP.

Pricing things is hard. Took Crown of White Raven of the highest level and added a bit since this holds 3 maneuvers making it theoretically three times as good, and lets you get around the 1 instance of a maneuver readied at a time rule, but is used 1/day instead of 1/encounter. Then added some for the +2 to attack rolls. Then waffled about price back and forth for a bit and said eh 65k.