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    Quote Originally Posted by Milo v3 View Post
    Milo's Wonder Com
    Price: 4000 per Wonder Com.
    Body Slot: Head
    Caster Level: 7th.
    Aura: Moderate; DC 19 Divination.
    Activation: Swift (command word)
    Weight: 1 lb.

    This metal headband includes a small piece that slides over your ear and presses into it, and another which reaches down to hang by your mouth. The Wonder Com works to transmit messages between Wonder Coms. Each Wonder Com can be set to a frequency from 0 to 15 and a Wonder Com transmits anything you say to each other Wonder Com set on the same frequency within 7 miles. Changing the com's frequency, shutting down the com, or turning it back on (to the last frequency set) requires a swift action command word. While you are wearing the wonder com's earpiece you suffer a -2 penalty to Listen checks.

    Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Sending
    Cost to Create: 2,000 GP, 800 XP.

    Wheeeee I have no idea how to price this!
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