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Lord Gareth's Fur Mantle of Beast-Slaying
Price: 50,000
Body Slot: shoulders
Caster Level: 14
Aura: Strong transmutation; hold monster, bane
Activation: see text
Weight: 1 lb
This fur mantle is made of the hide's of vicious animals. Twice a day, as a swift action it's wearer can activate it to give a +2 on attack and damage rolls against animals and magical beasts for 1 minute. In addition to this power the mantle collects the souls of the animals and magical beasts that it's wearer slays. It begins empty of souls but becomes more powerful as it collects more.
0-10 souls: no effect.
11-30 souls: the wearer gains 3 extra experience points for every animal or magical beast they slay.
31-45 souls: the wearer can detect any living animals or magical beasts within 100 feet and how many hit points they currently possess.
46-60 souls: animals and magical beasts within 40 feet of the wearer gain a -2 luck modifier to AC and saving throws.
61-80 souls: the wearer gains DR 10/magic against the attacks of animals and magical beasts.
81+ souls: the wearer can cast hold monster 2/day with a caster level of 10 and a save DC equal to 15+ the wearers wisdom modifier but it only effects animals and magical beasts.

Not sure if this is OP or not, if you ever use it you should consider making it more expensive.