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Items, you say? Well, here's permission.
Eggynack's Feather Token: Druid
Price: 20,000 GP.
Body Slot: -
Caster Level: 11th.
Aura: Strong Conjuration;
Activation: Command Word
Weight: -.

This small feather has been specially attuned to one or more circles of Druids, allowing them to call upon each other for aid for a short time. However, in order to cut down on costs, the feather tokens are not attuned to any one specific druid. Instead they select one random druid and transport them to a space adjacent to the creature that spoke the command word. These druids are almost invariably summoned while napping, and it takes them the rest of the round to awaken once summoned. The summon effect lasts for one minute before the Druid returns to their original location. During this time, the summoned druid will cast up to three spells who's total spell level does not exceed 6, although the summoner will have to provide any expensive material components.

Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Summon Nature's Ally VI, Caster Level 11th.
Cost to Create: 10,000 GP

Spoiler: Dev Stuff

Eggynack likes druids, and everybody likes feather tokens so I made a feather token that turns into a druid. The bit about the druid usually napping was because of the thing about sleeping creatures automatically failing their saves that's cropped up on these boards before. I probably messed up the pricing pretty good, but whatevs.