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    Quote Originally Posted by Xuldarinar View Post
    I have no choice but to grant my permission, and see what wondrous item I'd get. Or mundane item even.
    Gauntlets of Xuldarinar
    Price: 44,000 (pair)
    Body Slot: Hands
    Caster Level: 12th.
    Aura: Strong; DC 21 Conjuration.
    Activation: Standard (manipulation)
    Weight: 1 lb (pair).

    These gauntlets made of a strange black metal-like substance are always forged in a pair. The right gauntlet bears 8 arrows drawn in white all pointing in the same direction and in so doing forming a single larger arrow. The left gauntlet bears a green and blue gemstone from which eight arrows, red in color, point out in all directions. Twice per day, as a standard action, you can reach out with the left gauntlet and into a distant plane attempting to drag something back out from it. When you do so roll on table 1 below and the indicated creature appears within 30-ft and under your control for 1 minute. If you lack the right gauntlet the left gauntlet still functions, but you roll on table 2 and must make a Charisma check (DC shown on the table below, - indicates impossible check) to control the summoned creature, and on a natural 20 the gauntlet grasps a creature of such power that the creature's resistance instantly destroys the gauntlet causing it to explode in a burst of metallic slivers dealing 1d6 damage to the wearer.

    The right gauntlet acts only passively unless you meet a creature summoned by the left gauntlet. If it was summoned by another creature wearing the matching left gauntlet and who is not wearing a right gauntlet you may automatically take control of it as if you had summoned it yourself unless the Charisma check DC is 21 or higher, and if the DC is higher you may make a Charisma check at +8 to attempt to control it. If it was summoned by another left gauntlet you may make a Charisma check at +4 to attempt to control it. If the creature is controlled by another creature they may oppose your attempt to control it with a Charisma check of their own, if they are wearing the corresponding right gauntlet they gain a +8 on this check, if they are wearing a mismatched right gauntlet they gain a +4, and if they are not wearing a right gauntlet they suffer a -2 to the check; you must still succeed at the Charisma check DC to control the creature as well as win the opposed check.

    Spoiler: Table 1
    Roll (d8) Creature
    1 Chaos Beast
    2 Pseudonatural tiger
    3 Dolgaunt Lv 4 Monk (ECS 281)
    4 Aboleth
    5 Xorbeast (Dra #348)
    6 Pseudonatural Huge Monstrous Spider
    7 Tsucora Quori (ECS 296)
    8 Kaortic Hulk (Dra #330)

    Spoiler: Table 2
    Roll (d20) Creature Charisma DC
    1 Opabinia (Dra #348) 8
    2 Ekolid (FCI) 10
    3 Amoebic Crawler (Dra #330) 10
    4 Gibbering Mouther (LoM 150) 14
    5 Spellshadow (Dra #324) 14
    6 Hashalaq Quori (Dra #324) 16
    7 Chaos Beast 16
    8 Pseudonatural tiger 16
    9 Dolgaunt Lv 4 Monk (ECS 281) 16
    10 Aboleth 18
    11 Xorbeast (Dra #348) 18
    12 Pseudonatural Huge Monstrous Spider 18
    13 Kaortic Hulk (Dra #330) 20
    14 Tsucora Quori (ECS 296) 20
    15 Du'lora Quori (Dra #324) 22
    16 Draudnu (MMV 24) 24
    17 Kyra (Dra #348) 26
    18 Nightseed (Dra #330) 32
    19 Daelkyr (ECS 278) -
    20 Gauntlet is destroyed -

    Prerequisites: Create Wondrous Item, Knowledge (the Planes) 12 ranks, Summon Monster VI
    Cost to Create: 22,000 GP and 1760 XP.

    Too many dragon magazines. Lowered the price a bit because you get a randomized creature.
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