WhamBam's Gorget of Draconic Command
Price: 195,000 GP.
Body Slot: Throat
Caster Level: 17th.
Aura: Strong; DC 25 Enchantment.
Activation: Standard (command word)
Weight: 2 lb.

This metal gorget is inlaid with precious gem stones, around which draconic script snakes about. The words are always those associated with power, dominance, and control. When the wearer speaks the command word the gorget allows them to gain influence and control over a draconic creature. This functions as Dominate Monster except it has an indefinite duration and only works against true dragons and has a Will save DC of 23. The wearer can dominate up to 34 hit dice of true dragons, or a single true dragon regardless of its hit dice; if the gorget is removed they continue their last command, if the gorget is donned by another creature they gain control of all dragons dominated by the gorget. If a dragon would push it over the hit dice control limit then the gorget fails to function. Releasing a creature from this effect requires a standard action and a different command word. If a creature successfully saves against this effect it is immune to that Gorget of Draconic Command for 24 hours. The Gorget of Draconic Command will not function when worn by a true dragon, all dragons currently under its control immediately being released. The Gorget of Draconic Command will function for lesser dragons, but the save DC is reduced to 19.

Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Domination Monster, creator must not be a true dragon, creator must speak draconic.
Cost to Create: 97,500 GP, 7800 XP.