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    Fel's Tome of Fiends
    Price: 50,000 GP.
    Body Slot: - (Held)
    Caster Level: 20th.
    Aura: Strong; DC 24 Cojuration.
    Activation: Standard (manipulation and command word)
    Weight: 3 lb.

    This tome bound with human flesh and written in the blood of unicorns holds 25 pages each page containing the name and description of a single Baatezu. By holding the tome open to the fiend and speaking its name you can call it forth, as if with the spell Gate. Once the tome has been used to summon a fiend the same fiend cannot be summoned again, its page burning away in hellfire. Each tome contains the name of one Lemure, one Nupperibo, one Spinagon (FCII), one of each type of Abishai (FCII), one Bearded Devil, one Chain Devil, one Harvester Devil (FCII), one Pain Devil (FCII), one Erinyes, one Bone Devil, one Orthon (FCII), one Assassin Devil (FCII), one Barbed Devil, one Pleasure Devil (FCII), one Malebranche (FCII), one Ice Devil, one Logokron (ToM), one Xerfilstyx (FCII), one Horned Devil, one Paeliryon (FCII), and one Pit Fiend. Reading from the tome binds the reader's soul to Baator insuring that they will go there upon their death.

    Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Gate, Summon Monster IX, creator must have Baatorian heritage (half-fiend, tiefling, fiendish heritage feats) or be a Baatezu, creator must be Lawful Evil, creator must know the personal true name of each creature in the tome.
    Cost to Create: 25,000 GP and 7,000 XP.
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