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Thread: GiP Regulars as Wondrous Items

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    Quote Originally Posted by Somensjev View Post
    i'll grant my permission if anyone is interested
    Somensjev's Bottle of Transformation
    Price: 300 GP
    Body Slot: none
    Caster Level: 3rd.
    Aura: weak; transmutation, reduce animal.
    Activation: drinking it.
    Weight: 2 lb.

    This potion was originally designed by the same druid who invented the Bag of Tricks. It appears as a small glass Klein Bottle filled with black goo.
    Drinking the entire bottle of goo (which tastes like under-cooked meat) will transform the user into a random critter for 1d4 hours. This works as the wild shape ability except that the user cannot change back until the effects of the goo naturally wear off. If identify is cast on this item it will appear to be a potion of enlarge person.

    Roll a d20 to determine the animal that the user transforms into.
    1-3 a toad.
    4-7 a cat.
    8-11 a rat.
    12-16 a donkey.
    17-19 a raven.
    20 a donkey.

    Crafting Prerequisites: craft wondrous item, 150 GP, reduce animal, ability to wild shape.