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    Atemu's Cup
    Price: 30,000 GP
    Body Slot: - (held)
    Caster Level: 11th.
    Aura: Moderate; DC 21 Enchantment and Necomancy.
    Activation: Standard (manipulation)
    Weight: 1 lb.

    This metal mug perpetually fills itself with a red liquid and is inscribed with warnings against drinking in half a dozen languages. Any creature which willingly drinks from the mug gains a +2 morale bonus to attack rolls, saving throws, weapon damage, caster level checks, skill checks, and ability checks, and this bonus increases by +1 every 3 rounds. However a creature which drinks from the mug also suffers increasing mental and physical deterioration taking 1 point of Wisdom damage each round and taking 1d4 damage each round, this damage increases by 1d4 each round (so on the second round it deals 2d4 damage, on the third 3d4, 4th 4d4, and nth nd4), cannot be reduced by any means, and ignores regeneration. Both effects last until the creature drinks once more from the mug ending both immediately. Drinking from an Atemu's mug does nothing to quench a creature's thirst.

    Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Greater Heroism, Wrack
    Cost to Create: 17,500 GP and 1,400 XP.
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