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    Akane Seikatsu
    The Dragonfly of the Spirits

    "Life is beautiful and pure, qualities that are all so arduous to obtain. To crush these hard-earned qualities is truly a crime."

    Race: Half Drow (Half Human)
    Gender: Female
    Age: Elven Age Equivalent of 21
    Alignment: Chaotic Good/Neutral (grey morals)
    Profession: Avenger
    Personality Summary INFP

    Akane is a pale young drow maiden, skin ashen and eyes alight with verdant malachite irises, her pale sakura-petal dyed hair entwined in a Chinese bun. A short robe of evergreen, rose hem lining the edges of the garment, adorns her lithe and agile form, a sleeveless black garment cloaking the rest of the torso and neck still visible. Knee-high umber boots shield the youthful warrior's shins and feet, tight black leggings shrouding the legs of the lissome lass. Jade gloves cloak her forearms, hands, and the dexterous fingers she bears, woven of silk and enchanted with shielding magic.

    Despite being a woman of great patience and philosophical curiosity, Akane would never give such an impression at first glance. Benignly mischievous and rather convivial, she is prone to uttering witticisms and bearing a grin or smile. Akane is outgoing and amicable, sure, but despite her apparent ease in socializing, she prefers interaction on smaller levels as it enables more conversing and the ability to truly learn one's personality. She is optimistic as well, and often will be the one to point out the qualities that shine within a person.
    Her emotions guide her actions well, her morals and opinions dictating instead of such ideals of governmental law and rules, but for Akane emotional choice is not coupled with rash impulsiveness. Akane does not rush into things with bravado or blinding emotions, instead responding with plans and ploys that have been at least somewhat thought through. Make no mistake, though: these may seem the actions of logical, calculating minds, but Akane operates on intuition.
    Akane greatly prizes freedom, purity (of a sort) and nature, despising the concepts of oppression (social contract and reasonable punishment of incarceration notwithstanding), corruption and pollution. She opposes those who enslave, unfairly restrict, or subjugate others, especially those who deign to limit speech and ideals. Similarly, Akane also considers herself the enemy of those who seek to destroy the virtues and qualities of beings, concepts and objects, bearing enmity for spoiling the good or the pristine of things, most of all doing so to the precious life, brutal harmony and abundant sustenance supply that nature bears.
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