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    Quote Originally Posted by Karl Aegis View Post
    I give my permission. My expectations are low.
    Boots of the Frozen City
    Price: 40,000 GP
    Body Slot: Feet
    Caster Level: 6th.
    Aura: Moderate; DC 21 Transmutation.
    Activation: - (use)
    Weight: 1 lb.

    These deer skinned boots, lined with bear fur, grant the wearer improved speed and stability in icy environments. The wearer of these boots gain a +30-ft enhancement to their land speed. In addition they are not slowed by ice or snow, may walk across ice and snow without needing to make balance checks, and are even sped up when moving upon ice over even ground or downhill the enhancement bonus to speed increasing to 60-ft.

    Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Expeditious Retreat, Ice Skate.
    Cost to Create 20,000 GP, and 1600 XP.

    Price based upon price for Boots of Striding and Springing which shows 10-ft enhancement to be 2-3k, and Boots of Skating which shows 10-ft with 20-ft on occasion to be 7k indicating that speed increase is not based off of Spell as a Continuous effect or linear, indicating instead it is roughly the same as a weapon. I went with ignore ice and snow +30-ft conditional on ice/snow as equivalent of a "+2" enhancement, though that might have been overshooting a fair bit unless it's a frostburn game.
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