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    Burning Winds, Pride of the Hot Sands

    Race: Human
    Gender: Sword
    Age: Young
    Alignment: Neutral Good (not Nice) / Black
    Profession: Vigilante
    Personality Summary Scornful

    "A young man with raven-black hair and steely grey eyes, dressed in grey clothing."

    Powers: Winds knows every atrocity, wrongdoing, and crime that ever was or will be. His ability to remember them while incarnated in human form is limited. He is also an expert swordfighter.

    "I am not justice, but justification and judgement."
    After being made, Winds was Held by his Holder, as one does. People would Seek him out, he would lend them his power, and they would fall into temptation and be destroyed, and his Holder would recover him. Then, one seeker brought him before Malukhar the soulforger, who remade him into a living being attached to a different End.
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