Socratov's Stein of Poetry
Price: 8,000 GP
Body Slot: - (held)
Caster Level: 5th.
Aura: Weak; DC 18 Enchantment.
Activation: Standard (manipulation)
Weight: 1-1/2 lb.

This metal beer stein is engraved with runes about its lip, a small poem praising a god, or gods, of art and inspiration. When mead is drunk from it the stein grants its imbiber a competence bonus on Craft (Poetry) and Perform (Oratory) checks until the next midnight based upon the number of creatures to have drunk from it since the last midnight, reducing the bonus of all previous imbibers. The bonus for number of imbibers is listed on the table below.

Imbibers Bonus
1 +6
2 +4
3 +3
4-5 +2
6-10 +1

Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Glibness, creator must have 6 ranks of Craft (Poetry) and Perform (Oratory).
Cost to Create: 4,000 GP and 320 XP.

What item did you think I was talking about, LP?