So yeah, final(ish?) version of Focalor here:
Prince of Tears
3rd Level Vestige

Special Requirement: Focalorís seal must be drawn with a liquid medium.

Manifestation: Focalor manifests slowly, appearing first as a single tear that drops from thin air to strike the ground. Next his weeping eyes appear, and gradually his whole body becomes visible. Focalor looks like a handsome human male whose face is twisted by grief. He wears no clothes, but he cloaks his body in the griffon wings that grow from his back and shudder with each of his wracking sobs.

Sign: While you serve as host to Focalor, your eyes constantly weep, regardless of your mood or thoughts.

Influence: While influenced by Focalor, you feel some of his immense sadness and act morose, rarely smiling or finding cause to laugh. Whenever you kill a creature, Focalor demands that as soon as you have a peaceful moment, you take a round to say a few words of sorrow and regret for the life cut short by your actions.


Focalor's Breath: As a standard action, you can exhale towards a living target within 30 feet. The target must make a Constitution save or be blinded as if by the Blindness/Deafness spell. You can use this ability once per short rest.

Water Breathing: For as long as you are bound to Focalor, you can breathe as though you werere under the effects of the Water Breathing spell.

Electrifying Touch: You gain the Shocking Grasp cantrip.

Inestimable Grief: While you display Focalor's sign, the sorrow that paints your visage makes you difficult to read. Insight or Perception checks attempting to discern your emotions or intentions have disadvantage, and you have advantage on saves against Detect Thoughts or similar effects that would read your mind.

Lightning Strike: Once per round as a standard action, you can call down a bolt of lightning that strikes any target you designate, as long as it is within 60 feet. This range increases to 120 feet at 11th level. The lightning bolt deals 1d6 points of electricity damage per vestige level of the highest-level vestige you are able to bind. A successful Dexterity save halves this damage. This ability functions outdoors, indoors, underground, and even underwater.

Aura of Sadness:You emit an aura of depression and sadness that can overtake even the most strong-willed of creatures. When a creature within 5 feet of you hits with an attack roll, you can use your reaction to sap its fighting spirit with feelings of guilt and misery. Until the end of your next turn, you can choose to impose disadvantage on one attack roll, ability check, or saving throw it makes. A creature with an Intelligence score of 4 or less isnít affected.

Personality Trait: You feel morose, and rarely smile or find cause to laugh.
Personality Trait: Whenever you kill a creature, as soon as you have a peaceful moment, you take a round to says a few words of sorrow and regret for the life you cut short.

And here's a draft of Ronove. Some rough ideas, at least.
The Iron Maiden
1st Level Vestige

Special Requirement: Ronoveís seal must be drawn in the soil under the sky.

Legend: In life, Ronove was a charismatic guru who taught that enlightenment comes from denialófirst of the needs of the flesh, then of the perceived limits of reality, and lastly of the rules of reality. Her frequent demonstrations of power served to illustrate the validity of her ideas to others. She leapt from cliffs without harm, lifted boulders with her thoughts, and lived for months without eating or drinking. Although Ronove gathered many followers, not one of her disciples could manage her great feats. Some began to question her methods.

To prove the veracity of her teachings, Ronove entombed herself underground in an iron coffin, telling her students to dig her up only when they received a sign from her. However, years passed without a sign, and her followers dwindled, leaving only one. Disillusioned, he dug up the coffin. Finding it empty, he told the other former disciples of what had happened, but none believed him, and Ronove and her nameless follower faded into obscurity.

Sign: Your face settles into a frown if you succeeded on your binding check, or a smile if you failed.

Manifestation: The ground quakes, and a rusted iron sarcophagus erupts from the earth within her seal, shedding dirt and flakes of rust as it grates upward. The metal visage of a human woman is discernible on the lid. The metal bindings holding the lid closed burst in clouds of corroded metal, and the sarcophagus creaks open, releasing a tumble of human bones and noisome black liquid. Ronove does not speak to her summoner, but the visage on the lid smiles or frowns during the pact-making process.


Magic Attacks: Your melee attacks count as magic for purposes of overcoming resistance or immunity to weapon damage.

Far Hand: You can manipulate distant objects using invisible force. As an action, you can summon an invisible force, which you can use to move objects as a bonus action on your turn. This ability has a range of 30 feet, which increases to 60 feet at 5th level, and works similarly to Telekinesis, but with the following differences:
You can only move unattended objects, up to a weight of 10 pounds per Binder level you possess.
You cannot try to move creatures, but can instead use an action to push them with the force. This deals 1d6 Bludgeoning damage, and the target must make a Strength save against your Binder save DC. If it fails, you push it 10 feet in a direction you choose and knock it prone. Afterwards, the force dissipates, and you must use an action to summon it again.

Feather Fall: You automatically fall as though under the influence of a Feather Fall spell. You can suppress or activate this ability as a standard action.

Ronoveís Fists: You can use Dexterity instead of Strength for the attack and damage rolls of your unarmed strikes, and you can deal Martial Arts damage with your unarmed strikes as though you were a Monk of your Binder level.

Sprint: You gain +10ft to your base speed.

Ronoveís Endurance: While bound to Ronove, you only need to eat, drink, and sleep one-third as often as normal, and you treat your level of exhaustion as being one less than it actually is, and thus suffer no penalties until you have received two levels of exhaustion.

Personality Trait: Despite what anyone says, you feel the need to prove your worth.
Personality Trait: You cannot eat or drink (including potions) while you remain bound to Ronove.