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    Summoning Items

    Summoning items give their users shiny new friends to help them destroy their enemies or solve problems. With the exception of the Onyx dog, the Silver Raven and the Ivory Goat of Terror, the value of these items is heavily dependent on how expensive mercenaries are in your campaign world. The basic rules makes hiring even quite competent allies startlingly cheap, and while these items aren't based on the ridiculous 2 gp/day rule, they do assume that hiring combat ready minions is a relatively cheap activity that most players will be doing a little bit of if the situation warrants it. Adjust the below prices accordingly if this is not true in your campaign world.
    Item Price(gp)
    Ivory Goat(Travail) 400
    Golden Lion(ea) 600
    Ivory Goat(Traveling) 1000
    Staff of the Python 2000
    Onyx Dog 3000
    Silver Raven 5000
    Silver Horn of Valhalla 5600
    Marble Elephant 6000
    Bowl of Commanding Water Elementals 8000
    Brazier of Commanding Fire Elementals 8000
    Censer of Controlling Air Elementals 8000
    Stone of Controlling Earth Elementals 8000
    Brass Horn of Valhalla 8400
    Bronze Horn of Valhalla 11200
    Iron Horn of Valhalla 14000
    Ivory Goat(Terror) 20000

    Gamechanging Items

    Gamechanging items significantly impact either the gameworld as a whole or the sort of things that are capable of challenging their holders. I don't really see either of these as a problem, but they may not fit with some campaigns or some settings, so the DM should take a careful look at the items on this list and decide whether or not they are allowed.
    Item Price(gp)
    +1 Armor 1500
    +1 Shield 1500
    Sending Stones 2000
    Wings of Flying 5000
    Alchemy Jug 6000
    +2 Armor 6000
    +2 Shield 6000
    Ebony Fly 6000
    Bronze Griffon 8000
    Broom of Flying 8000
    Serpentine Owl 8000
    Winged Boots 8000
    Dwarven Plate 9000
    Potion of Longevity 9000
    Carpet of Flying 12000
    Ring of Regeneration 12000
    Sphere of Annihilation 15000
    Armor of Invulnerability 18000
    Talisman of the Sphere 20000
    +3 Armor 24000
    +3 Shield 24000
    Defender 24000
    Ring of Earth Elemental Command 31000
    Robe of the Archmagi 34000
    Ring of Air Elemental Command 35000
    Cubic Gate 40000
    Crystal Ball 50000
    Helm of Teleportation 64000
    Daern's Instant Fortress 75000
    Ring of Telekinesis 80000
    Cloak of Invisibility 80000
    Rod of Security 90000
    Staff of Power 95500
    Obsidian Steed 128000
    Decanter of Endless Water 135000
    Amulet of the Planes 160000
    Spoiler: Why Items are on this List

    The +X armors and shields, dwarven plate, defender, staff of power and robe of the archmagi all allow the user to boost their AC out of the range of bounded accuracy. Enough AC and a character becomes functionally immune to low level checks on their ability to run rampant, like the town guard or small armies. This sort of thing is possible using items not on this list, but it requires significantly more investment in terms of the player's attunement slots. Characters eventually growing up to the point where they don't care about low level NPCs isn't a bad thing, but it doesn't fit all campaigns.

    The armor of invulnerability is on this list for about the same reason.

    All items that grant either flying or a flying mount are on the list for a similar reason, though they obsolete enemies without flying or a strong ranged attack rather than low level nonmagical enemies.

    The Cloak of invisibility likewise obsoletes enemies that can't see invisible things.

    The Helm of Teleportation, Amulet of Planes and Cubic Gate are here because they essentially obsolete any quest involving travel times, and in the later cases many quests involving things being on another plane. Additionally, they give an almost absurdly strong panic button to the holder.

    Sending Stones and the Crystal ball are here because of their impact on the world, both massively change the rate of travel of information, and the latter doubles as an extremely potent knowledge gathering tool in PC hands, which bears looking into for that reason alone.

    The Alchemy Jug, Decanter of Endless Water, Sphere of Annihilation and Ring of Telekinesis are here for their massive effect on the economy. All three can potentially make a profit that dwarfs their listed price if used in a clever enough manner over a long timespan.

    The Potion of Longevity are here for medical reasons which should be fairly clear.

    Daern's Instant Fortress potentially has a huge impact on grand military strategy.
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