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    7/14/2015 - Potion of Longevity price increased to 9000

    Spoiler: Items that Won't be priced
    Candle of Invocation: Because we've learned a thing or two from 3.5
    Deck of Many Things: Because lolrandom
    Efreeti Bottle: Because Wishes
    Iron flask: Because wishes
    Ring of Three Wishes: Because Wishes
    Luck Blade: Because Wishes
    Well of Many Worlds: Because if the GM wants you to have a TARDIS you'll have one and if they don't you won't
    Wand of Wonder: Because lolrandom
    Ring of Djinni Summoning: It's pretty much everything from the gamechanging list in a single item. I can't see anyone selling these.
    Bag of Tricks: Creating permanent living creatures does absolutley silly things to the economy.
    Tome of the Stilled Tongue: No wizard would ever sell this.
    Manuals and tomes +2: If these come up, the GM is probably giving them to the whole party as a "level up" type thing
    Belt of giant Strength: breaks bounded Accuracy
    Potion of Giant Strength:breaks bounded accuracy
    Rod of Resurrection: Plot device
    Helm of Brilliance: Lolrandom
    Bag of Beans: Lolrandom (Seriously, it summons mummy lords with treasure filled crypts)
    Staff of the Magi: Too much power
    Manual of Golems: This is a blueprint, not an item. Use whatever rules go into pricing blueprints for your campaign and adjust the golem crafting prices as needed.

    Cursed items

    The lists in handy-dandy .ods format for those who want it(Last updated 7/19/2015)

    That should be all I need, tables will be posted as I convert them from my ODS sheet to forum tables. Have at it. And do tell me if you think something is priced wrong, some of these are very much eyeballed.
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