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    (Former) Human Name: Alexander Phillips
    Nickname: "Corey"
    Race/Species: Demi-human
    Age: 3 actual, 19 apparent & psychological
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral?

    • Physical: Lean, muscular
    • Height: 6' 0"
    • Weight Class: Middle-heavyweight
    • Eyes: Deep amber
    • Hair: Black, mid-length; slightly thick and feathery
    • Facial features: Somewhat pointed nose
    • Other features: Black tattoo-like markings on back: a hextet of feathers reaching to either shoulder, quills meeting at the spine (picture reference coming soon)

    Common attire
    • Legs: Form-fitting khaki pants
    • Torso: Sleeveless shirt
    • Feet: Brown nondescript shoes

    Class/Profession: Combatant; Devil Tuner
    Power Rating: 12/D (Base 6, modifiers shown below)
    • Strength: Above average (+1)
    • Constitution: Unusually hardy (+2)
    • Stamina: Above average (+1)
    • Agility: Average
    • Intelligence: Average

    • Type: Handgun (+2)
    • Description: A semi-automatic pistol of otherworldly origin, modified specifically for combating demons. It has a simple black finish and fits into a belt holster. Its primary distinguishing feature is a symbol engraved on its grip (reference picture coming soon).

    • Marksmanship: Experienced in wielding common small firearms (pistols, SMGs) (+1)
    • Devil Tuning: Takes on a more powerful demon form, gaining access to magic and other demonic powers


    Classification: Asura
    Name: Garuda

    • Physical: Lithe, a la Slenderman
    • Height: 7' 4"
    • Weight Class: Lightweight
    • Detailed Description: Garuda is humanoid in its general shape, although it has two pairs of arms as opposed to one pair. Its skin is tougher than human skin and possesses a pale off-white tone. Like many Asura demons, it does not have eyes, and its wide, lipless mouth constantly bares its long, sharp teeth. It wears thin plated armor of a pale-green color, which covers its entire torso, its shoulders, and its lower legs. It also wears metal gauntlets on each arm, both to protect its hands and wrists and to add impact to every punch delivered. Finally, it has a pair of bronze-feathered wings on its back, fully-capable of flight, which span ~8 ft. when fully extended.

    Class: Combatant; all-around fighter
    Power Rating: 24/B (Base 11, modifiers shown below)
    • Strength: Average
    • Constitution: Above average (+1)
    • Stamina: Above average (+1)
    • Agility: Unusually agile (+2)
    • Magic: Above average (+1)
    • Resistance: Gravity (+1)
    • Weakness: Wind (-1)

    Abilities: By studying encoded data feeds called "Mantra", Garuda can learn new skills and magic. However, only skills that have been prepared prior to a fight can be used actively in that fight, up to a maximum of eight; all other skills are inactive and cannot be used. NOTE: NONE of these skills can be used by Coriolis in human form; they are only accessible to him as Garuda.

    Spoiler: Active Skills
    • Devour: Hunter skill. Strikes one target and, if the target is slain, absorbs their Atma for a considerable healing and energizing effect.
    • Zionga: Electric magic. Summons a lightning bolt to shock a single target. Moderate chance of temporarily numbing the target. (+1)
    • Griela: Gravity magic. Creates a gravity well that damages a single target. (+2)
    • Magrie: Gravity magic. Creates a minor gravity distortion that damages multiple targets. (+1)
    • Hama: Light magic. Strikes a single target with an enchanted seal. May deal heavy damage to undead and/or Chaos-aligned targets. (+1)
    • Media: Healing magic. Slightly restores vitality to all member's of the caster's group, including the caster. (+1)
    • Void Dark: Protection magic. Nullifies all Dark-aligned effects on the caster's group, including the caster. (+1)
    • Void Wind: Protection magic. Nullifies all Wind-aligned effects on the caster's group, including the caster. (+1)

    Spoiler: Mantras Mastered
    • Devourer: Imparts <Devour>, <Ingest Mana>
    • Bolt Wizard: Imparts <Zio>, <Void Elec>
    • Bolt Lord: Imparts <Mazio>, <Elec Boost>
    • Lightning: Imparts <Zionga>, <Bolt Flare>, <Elec Repel>
    • Dragon: Imparts <Zan>, <Void Wind>
    • Cosmic Spirit: Imparts <Grie>, <Void Grav>
    • Cosmic Shrine: Imparts <Magrie>, <Grav Boost>
    • Cosmic Temple: Imparts <Griela>, <Distortion>, <Grav Repulse>
    • Protection: Imparts <Dia>, <Patra>, <Analyze>
    • Fallen Hero: Imparts <Media>, <Posmudi>, <Achedi>, <Dream Haze>
    • Angel: Imparts <Hama>, <Tarunda>, <Void Light>
    • Yaksha: Imparts <Mudo>, <Curse>, <Void Dark>

    Personality: Accustomed to the intimidation factor that has accompanied his Devil Tuning ability in the past, Coriolis is normally cautious and docile when attempting to interact with others on some level of normalcy. As with many individuals plagued with superhuman power and/or form, he struggles to define his own identity and is therefore somewhat more impressionable than most people. The two things he values most, however, are and always have been freedom and individuality, and he will defend those ideals with blind, unwavering passion, even if it means crossing moral boundaries.

    Background: In his originating universe, Alexander Phillips was just one of billions of humans to die when God brought destruction to the world of humanity. Through metempsychosis, his spirit was assimilated into God and, after nearly 20 years, reconstructed in a nearly identical image. Sadly, his spirit had been corrupted by God's influence: it was now possessed of a virus that merged his being with a demon. For the next three years, he wandered the world as "Coriolis", consuming other demons in order to give pause to the corruption of the virus in him, all the while searching for some way to save humanity from its purgatory. Finally, on the verge of losing hope, he was visited by one of God's custodians, who had been observing his struggles. This custodian offered him one of two futures: an uncertain life in another time and place, far from their hopeless world, or a swift death in meaningless defiance of God's will. Perhaps a hero would have revolted against the custodian, but Coriolis knew that he lacked the power to challenge God. With a heavy heart, he bid his home a weary farewell and allowed himself to be cast beyond the folds of the universe, arriving in the destination of least resistance: the Nexus...
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