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You may want to come up with some random treasure tables as well. In building my campaigns, the rolls that the group have gotten (every one random) has led to some of the players hording over 150 platinum pieces, all before level five. That might not be the case for everyone, however, because my players have the most amazing luck for treasure rolls (and we love randomness).

First thing I notice is your are definitely correct about the flying items--why the heck is a potion of flying 100 times more expensive than the broom of flying.

The setting I'm running is the Pathfinder setting, so I've been considering lowering the magic item costs to better fit the lore of the setting, but I also think the crafting rules need to be changed. I'd say that creating of any kind requires more proficiencies--not just the tools, but also the type of crafting you know how to do.
I'll put random tables on my to-do list. They're not really my thing, but I'll see what I can come up with.

The prices here were actually calibrated for Eberron, they should work fine for a high-magic setting like Golarion. I actually plan to offer a few different options for the magic items system, soy you should have some variety to pick from when I get there. What do you mean by more proficiencies, exactly? Do you want something like a blueprint system?