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    Quote Originally Posted by Kryx View Post
    I find all of your prices incredibly low in comparison to the 3.X scale and more importantly Deconstructing 5e: Typical wealth by level.

    You should be basing your prices on the expected gold based on 5e tables. What you have is much too low on nearly everything imo. It should nearly all be doubled or trippled to match the calculations done.

    One thing you'll notice: If you were to make that 5e table linear its very close to both the 3.5 and PF WBL tables.
    I actually did see those tables and use them. One thing you'll notice if you look at the tables in detail is that prior to level 18, the 5e characters have less wealth than the Pathfinder characters by a factor of 3 or 4. At level 18 this does start to change, but honestly I'm perfectly fine with level 18+ characters having pretty much whatever magic items they want, the system isn't balanced towards that level range in particular, it's balanced towards the other 17 levels.
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