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I'll put random tables on my to-do list. They're not really my thing, but I'll see what I can come up with.

The prices here were actually calibrated for Eberron, they should work fine for a high-magic setting like Golarion. I actually plan to offer a few different options for the magic items system, soy you should have some variety to pick from when I get there. What do you mean by more proficiencies, exactly? Do you want something like a blueprint system?
For Pathfinder's system, they use feats to gain the ability to craft certain items; what I thought of first was requiring a character to become proficient in a specific type of crafting--for example, you have to be proficient in, say, enchanting tools and Craft: Wands in order to craft a wand, or proficiency in calligrapher's tools and Craft: Scrolls to make a scroll (along with being able to cast the spell, of course).

I'd also say that having the crafting rules state that not necessarily the crafter himself has to be able to cast the spell, but someone has to be casting it, meaning another party member, or, possibly, hiring someone to do so while you craft it. Makes it a bit more interesting, and hopefully tries to prevent the "Craft Slave" character concept from becoming a thing (which I hate).

One thing that I've just started wondering...

How does 5e's magic item costs compare to earlier editions, especially 2e--one thing my group has noticed (and I have as well) is the similarities to 2e, so it makes me wonder if they're a throw back to those prices, rather than the Christmas Tree Effect of 3.5/PF/4e.