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    Several items from the PHB are missing: Oil, Healer's Kit, Ball bearings, Caltrops, Hunting Trap, Acid, Holy Water, Alchemist's Fire, Antitoxin, etc.

    Also poisons from the DMG (those have a price listed already and give a great baseline - which is much closer to 3.X than your numbers are).

    Items based on spells which should be between 150-200% of the appropriate level spell:
    Potion of Animal Friendship 150%
    Potion of Resistance 150%
    Potion of Mind Reading 150%
    Potion of Invisibility 150%
    Potion of Diminution 220% (duration and no concentration)
    Potion of Growth 220% (duration and no concentration)
    Potion of Water Breathing 150%
    Potion of Clairvoyance 150%
    Potion of Gaseous Form 150%
    Potion of Flying 150%
    Necklace of Fireballs (One bead) 160% for scaling aspect
    Potion of Speed 200% (no concentration)
    Oil of Slipperiness 150%
    Elemental Gem 150%
    Oil of Etherealness 150%

    In case anyone wants to see my version:
    My prices for consumables
    (though I made a few alterations - removed ammo. Removed bless from potion of heroism)
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