Allright, I've tweaked the low level consumable prices a bit, they now deviate somewhat from the formula used by the higher level items but should be a bit less cheap.

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For Pathfinder's system, they use feats to gain the ability to craft certain items; what I thought of first was requiring a character to become proficient in a specific type of crafting--for example, you have to be proficient in, say, enchanting tools and Craft: Wands in order to craft a wand, or proficiency in calligrapher's tools and Craft: Scrolls to make a scroll (along with being able to cast the spell, of course).

I'd also say that having the crafting rules state that not necessarily the crafter himself has to be able to cast the spell, but someone has to be casting it, meaning another party member, or, possibly, hiring someone to do so while you craft it. Makes it a bit more interesting, and hopefully tries to prevent the "Craft Slave" character concept from becoming a thing (which I hate).

One thing that I've just started wondering...

How does 5e's magic item costs compare to earlier editions, especially 2e--one thing my group has noticed (and I have as well) is the similarities to 2e, so it makes me wonder if they're a throw back to those prices, rather than the Christmas Tree Effect of 3.5/PF/4e.
I'll put that down as an option.

I don't really know anything about 2e's system, I've never played a 2e game. That being said, the main thing working against the christmas tree effect is the attunement rule.

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Potion of Animal Friendship 150%
Potion of Resistance 150%
Potion of Mind Reading 150%
Potion of Invisibility 150%
Potion of Diminution 220% (duration and no concentration)
Potion of Growth 220% (duration and no concentration)
Potion of Water Breathing 150%
Potion of Clairvoyance 150%
Potion of Gaseous Form 150%
Potion of Flying 150%
Necklace of Fireballs (One bead) 160% for scaling aspect
Potion of Speed 200% (no concentration)
Oil of Slipperiness 150%
Elemental Gem 150%
Oil of Etherealness 150%
Okay, I'm going to have to disagree with some of these.
Potion of flying demands a higher price both for its greater duration and its lack of concentration.
Necklace of fireballs absolutely does not have a price which works like that. A necklace with a number of beads that can make a fireball of a certain level costs as much as a potion of that level. That's it.
Oil of etherealness is discounted significantly because its long application time takes away a key application of the etherealness spell: its use as an escape route.