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    Quote Originally Posted by Saidoro View Post
    Potion of flying demands a higher price both for its greater duration and its lack of concentration.
    100% agreed. I had it higher earlier, must've made a mistake. I'll switch to 250% based on my scroll prices is 875g.

    Quote Originally Posted by Saidoro View Post
    Necklace of fireballs absolutely does not have a price which works like that. A necklace with a number of beads that can make a fireball of a certain level costs as much as a potion of that level. That's it.
    I don't understand. My percentage suggestion was for 1 bead. 160% of the price of a scroll of fireball for 1 bead.

    Quote Originally Posted by Saidoro View Post
    Oil of etherealness is discounted significantly because its long application time takes away a key application of the etherealness spell: its use as an escape route.
    I missed that. Ya, the price should be lower, but the item seems to be less about escape and more about bypassing encounters/plot. I would say 125% of a scroll price, personally.

    I actually think the default pricing shouldn't be significantly more than scrolls. Maybe 120% would be better for options for martials.
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