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I don't understand. My percentage suggestion was for 1 bead. 160% of the price of a scroll of fireball for 1 bead.
There's no reason to charge them extra for a functionality that the single bead all on its own doesn't actually have.

I missed that. Ya, the price should be lower, but the item seems to be less about escape and more about bypassing encounters/plot. I would say 125% of a scroll price, personally.
Yeah, I'm not putting the oil equal to or greater than the price of a scroll of etherealness. While it does maintain a significant amount of its utility, it easily loses enough that scroll for potion is a bad trade in most groups.

I actually think the default pricing shouldn't be significantly more than scrolls. Maybe 120% would be better for options for martials.
They were at 125 % when I started and you called for an increase. They are currently at 150%.