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    Quote Originally Posted by Honest Tiefling View Post
    ...Is anyone good aligned here? Too many villains ruin the scheme, as you all know.
    Here have this...

    Honest Tiefling's Badge of I'm Good, Honest
    Price: 5,000 GP
    Body Slot: -
    Caster Level: 2nd.
    Aura: Weak; DC 16 Abjuration.
    Activation: -.
    Weight: -.

    When pinned to the wearer's shirt this badge reading "I'm a good guy, honest" alters the wearer's aura. Any attempt to magically detect the wearer's alignment detects the wearer as if they were Good instead of Evil (if they are morally Neutral or Good this item has no effect).

    Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Undetectable Alignment
    Cost to Create: 2,500 GP and 80 XP.
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