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    Spoiler: Eli Matthews
    Name: Elijah "Eli" Matthews
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Race: Caucasian
    Nationality: American

    Type: ESPer, currently Level 2
    Power rank: E+/D-
    Affiliation: Onizuka

    Background: Eli had a relatively normal upbringing, although he was held back in grade school due to poor performance; his failures were attributed to his disinterest and refusal to complete assignments or participate in class, despite satisfactory knowledge of subject matter. His father was recently assigned to a job in Academy City from overseas and was offered considerable accomodations to bring his family along. Eli himself doesn't know much Japanese, so the transition will be difficult, but as long as he has no choice in the matter, he'll have to adapt and learn to speak the language on the fly. After learning about the special schools for psychics, though, Eli decided to visit one day and was captivated by the idea of becoming capable of ESP. He was henceforth determined to be accepted into one of the academies, and his wish was granted through Onizuka.

    At first, Eli had difficulty adjusting to school life in Academy City, mostly because of the language barrier. Prior to the discovery of his PSI-related ability, he was forced to rely on a translation device, built into a ridiculous-looking collar, to communicate with his peers. Only after a certain event involving some ethically-questionable processes did he begin to tap into his ESPer potential. The ability to communicate and comprehend speech regardless of language allowed him to instantly tear down the barriers that had largely prevented him from associating with his classmates and, honestly, anyone at all in his new home. At the time of his initial evaluation, his PSI was ranked as a Level 2 ability, but the possibility for exploring the boundaries of said ability renders this evaluation a largely-preliminary judgment.

    Personality: Eli isn't the most social kid in Academy City, but he's not crippled by shyness, either. He's somewhat distant from his parents, though, so he's pretty quick to open up to the first person that shows him any decent measure of respect or compassion. On the flip-side, he doesn't take insults lightly and may lash out at anyone who continuously prods him. He has an extreme dislike for schoolwork, convinced that it's one big ploy to keep him busy and prevent him from doing what he wants. Considering that he's at a school for learning how to use psychic powers, however, his attitude may soon change for the better in that regard.

    Likes: Adventures, blueberries, his dog Macho
    Dislikes: Cramped spaces, spicy foods
    Ambitions: To hunt for and find hidden treasure

    People of Interest
    • Adam Matthews: Eli's father, a desk jockey at a certain American company. He was offered substantial accomodation to take up a job in Japan, moving to Academy City with his wife and son. ((For the purpose of convenience, I don't plan for him to make any appearances in the RP.))
    • Paula Matthews: Eli's mother, a textbook housewife/loving mother. Moved to Academy City with Adam and Eli. Constantly on her son's case for neglecting his homework.
    • Macho: Eli's faithful dog, a large-breed golden retriever. Goes for a walk with Eli every weekend.

    • Physical: Thin build
    • Height: 5' 6"
    • Weight class: Average
    • Eyes: Dark blue
    • Hair: Light-brown, short

    -Common attire:
    • Legs: Regular-fit blue jeans, brown belt
    • Torso: Long-sleeved button-down shirt (usually white, light-blue, or light-gray)
    • Feet: Brown slip-on shoes

    • Strength: Average
    • Constitution: Above average
    • Stamina: Average
    • Agility: Average

    • Intelligence: Average
    • Tactics: Average
    • Sanity: Slightly unstable
    • Courage: Adventurous

    -Combat: Brawler
    • Capable of self-disciplined fist-fighting; average strength for a human his age, but little experience and no form or polish
    • Can wield and use improvised weaponry (baseball bat, tree branch, etc.) in a basic capacity (swing, thrust, etc.)

    -ESPer: Telepathy
    Spoiler: Details
    General description: Parapsychology (PSI) skills involving reception and transmission of thoughts on psychic channels

    Spoiler: Level 1 (realized)
    Comprehension (base ability) learned
    --Basic-level PSI, automatic translation of foreign languages; when others speak to Eli in another language, he hears it as though they're speaking perfect English

    Spoiler: Level 2 (realized)
    Comprehension improved to Linguistics
    --Automatic translation expanded to include writings in foreign languages

    Speech Projection learned
    --Basic-level PSI, sending verbal messages to others via mental/PSI channels

    Projection limits established
    --Maximum range: 50 ft.
    --Maximum effect: four people at once

    Spoiler: Level 3 (undiscovered)
    Concept Projection learned
    --Intermediate PSI, transmitting non-verbal ideas (images, sounds, etc.) via mental/PSI channels

    Projection limits extended
    --Maximum range: 300 ft. (single familiar target) or 100 ft. (wide broadcast)
    --Maximum effect: eight people at once

    Spoiler: Level 4 (pending)
    Delusion learned
    --Advanced PSI, alters one of a target's senses (maximum range 10 ft., maximum duration 15 sec.)

    Speech Projection improved to Message Projection
    --Outbound messages can be received and understood regardless of language

    Projection limits extended
    --Maximum range: 1 mi. (single familiar target) or 250 ft. (wide broadcast)
    --Maximum effect: twenty people at once

    -Other proficiencies:
    • Navigator: Being fond of exploration, Eli is capable of following directions and learning relative locations easily, either with a map or with verbal instructions.
    • More to be added later

    • Weapon of choice: Blunt and Force (metal knuckles)
    • Access.: None

    Notes: To be added later

    Social links: To be added later

    Theme Music: Kasier Chiefs - "Never Miss A Beat" (Youtube link coming soon)
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