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    Ninja_Prawn's Extended Signature
    All items here are for D&D 5th edition
    (except for the HSHC stuff)

    Rules Supplements
    Additional Manoeuvres - this is some anime junk right here...
    Advanced Crafting Rulebook (Dungeon Master's Reference, The Alchemist's Cookbook, Codes of Practice for Castle Builders, How to Mine like a Dwarf) - making crafting fun! Watch this space for new content...
    Advanced Fortification - additional rules for siege warfare.
    Chronomancy - contains 12 new subclasses and 26 new spells based around the theme of 'time' (WiP).
    Dungeon Chic and Elven Haute Couture - variant rules to encourage people to own multiple sets of clothes, and to actually wear them instead of going around in their armour 24/7.
    Forests and Faeries - a fey-themed expansion for D&D!
    Hold Your Horses - bringing your PCs their chariots of fire!
    More Metamagic - new options for sorcerers.
    Musical Adventuring - because every campaign needs a musical episode.
    Tourney Rules - for some reason the core books don't tell you how to joust. A grievous omission, in my opinion.

    Adventures, Encounters & Settings
    Escort Mission - an extended skill challenge, commissioned by Pinjata.
    The Rains of Shilmista (Handouts, Maps, NPCs, Random Encounter Tables, Player Starter Pack, Weather Data) - a complete, homebrewed campaign (not yet finished).

    Dwarf Subraces - nothing special, just Derro and Duergar. I may add Dur Authalar, Durzagon, Inugaakalikurit, Maeluth and Urdunnirin at some point.
    Forests and Faeries - a complete package of fey races, including feats & magic items.
    Gem - from Steven Universe!
    Merfolk - my contribution to #mermay.
    Zern - inspired by the work of Diego Havoc.

    Abyssal Domain - a cleric domain for demon cultists...
    Alpine Conclave - mountain rangers that are deadly when they have the high ground.
    Analyst - a rogue that specialises in divination? Why not!
    Body Snatcher - a roguish archetype inspired by the grave robber from Darkest Dungeon.
    Circle of Drums - a groovy druid circle that uses music to commune with nature.
    Circle of Earth Science - a modern druid that believes modern technology can help to protect the planet.
    Circle of the Flower Garden - a druid that sculpts the battlefield as if it was their garden.
    Circle of Harmony - an elemental druid circle.
    Circle of the Mantis - a... druid.... with manoeuvres??
    Circle of the Root and Stem - an arboreal druid circle for all you tree-huggers out there.
    Circle of Yin and Yang - a druid themed after Japanese onmyoji.
    College of Whiskers - BEARD BARD!!
    Country Music Conclave - a ranger that turns every fight into an impromptu hoedown.
    Faceless Goon - a fighter who doesn't ask questions.
    Festival Domain - a bonfire night cleric. Also works for Japanese-style festivals.
    Final Hero - a martial archetype inspired by some of the tropes commonly found in Final Fantasy games.
    Flesh Sculptor - a wizard with a pet zombie. You know you want it.
    Futuresoul - a sorcerer with innate powers of chronomancy. Inspired by Prince of Persia and The Time Traveller's Wife!
    Gloaming Knight - a brand new fey-themed roguish archetype!
    Grand Couturier - martial archetype inspired by Kill la Kill.
    Jinx - a sorcerer who brings bad luck wherever they go.
    Lady Luck - anyone remember FFX-2? Such an underrated game, that one. Anyway, here's an otherworldly patron inspired by it.
    Love Domain - a charming domain for clerics of Sune, Aphrodite and Freya.
    Lunar Magic - a stealthy moon witch for the MFoV base class.
    Mirrorkin - a sorcerous origin from beyond the looking glass. Winner of Subclass Contest II!
    Oath of Adrenaline - the extreme sports paladin you never knew you needed in your life, until now.
    Oath of Freedom - a chaotic paladin that knows no rules, laws or limits.
    Oath of the Never-Setting Stars - a re-print of the sacred oath from Forests and Faeries.
    Pathfinder Conclave - a ranger that focusses on supporting their allies.
    Path of Superiority - a barbarian with manoeuvres. Nice.
    Path of Thunder - HEAVY METAL RAAAAAGE!
    Path of the Wilds - a fey-themed barbarian.
    Princess (1-20 base class) - a 5e update for Zaydos' contest-winning class.
    Riskbreaker - a ranger archetype inspired by Vagrant Story.
    Rockstar - a roguish archetype for frontmen, pop idols and guitar heroes.
    School of Arithmetick - inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics.
    School of Images - a photographer wizard inspired by Anastasia from Shadow Hearts: Covenant.
    School of Prehistoric Wizardry - how did the first wizards manage, before writing was invented...?
    School of Somnomancy - keeping the Sleep spell relevant since 2017!
    Senpai - I hope that they will notice you, warlock-chan!
    Shinobi - a roguish archetype for people who want to play a ninja, but not a monk.
    Siege Engineer - martial archetype that specialises in siege weapons.
    The Spirit of Jazz - an otherworldly patron inspired by The Mighty Boosh!
    The Star Ray - an otherworldly patron for MBControl.
    Temporal Trickster - a rogue with chronomancy, of course.
    Vampire Queen - a prestige class based on Marceline from Adventure Time.
    Veiled Conclave - based on the sniper job from Final Fantasy tactics.
    Way of the Rose - a thorny monastic tradition written for Valentine's Day.
    Way of the Wheel - a monastic tradition based on the dark mistress from Dungeon Keeper.
    Wealth Domain - seemed like an obvious one that was missed in the base game. Very appropriate for clerics of Waukeen.

    Spoiler: GitP Regulars as Subclasses!
    Clockwork Sniper - a roguish archetype for Steampunkette.
    Gleaming Warden - a ranger archetype for Shining Wrath.
    Knight of Steel and Stone - a martial archetype for EnderDwarf.

    Ninja_Prawn's Spells - an almost complete list of my homebrewed spells.

    Blasts from the Past - old spells, recycled for 5e.
    Blue Magic - NSFW!
    Cantrips - a small collection of cantrips, in case your players wanted a few extra options.
    Chronomancy - a big niche that I feel was under-served in the core books.
    Fey Spells - a bit of an update on the spells from Forests and Faeries, with a couple of new spells.
    GitP Regulars as Spells - thread no longer being updated I'm afraid. Feel free to create a new one though!
    The Immortal General's Spells - a collection of tactical spells designed for use in large scale battles.
    Low-Level Necromancy - create undead minions right from level 1!
    Power Word Spells - do what they say on the tin. Literally.
    Spells from Songs - don't take this one too seriously, okay?

    Feats and Epic Boons
    Ascend to Archfey - slightly updated version of the rules included in Forests and Faeries.
    Epic-Level Necromancy - or How to Become a Lich in Four Morally-Questionable Steps...
    Feats for Fashionistas - a collection of feats focussed on clothing. Yeah, I don't know why either.
    Feats for the Genre Savvy - some light-hearted feats for all you tropers out there.
    Feats for the Incompetent - feats with negative ability score prerequisites.
    Feats for Lovers - feats that you can take as a couple?
    Your Hex is on Fire - epic boons for witches and warlocks.

    Stat Block Sunday - a weekly feature on my Tumblr, wherein I post one or more stat blocks at 10:00am GMT, every Sunday. Follow me today for a constant supply of new monsters!! There is also an index; note that it isn't always 100% up to date.

    Animated Body Parts & other undead things - monsters for novice necromancers to practice on. (CR 0)
    Animated Objects - a collection of construct-themed familiars. (CR 0 and 1/2)
    Arctic Fox, Ice Elemental and Snowy Owl - commissioned by RavenJovan. (CRs 0, 5 & 0)
    Ayaretu - an evil rainbow monster from beyond the stars! (CR 23)
    Bloodstriker and Fleshraker - ports from MM3, commissioned by Rattigan. (CR 6 & 2 respectively)
    Chicken and Rooster - obviously. (CR 0 & 1/8 respectively)
    Cute as a Button - a collection of adorable familiars. (all CR 0)
    The Death Snail - a tiny, psychotic gastropod, with potential as an evil familiar. (CR 1/4)
    Dire Camels and the Dire Camelich - an in-joke that got out of hand? (CR 1/2 and 6)
    Exotic Elementals - abstract elementals, designed to complement this spell. (CR 6 & 8)
    Faerie Slaad - chaotic hybrids of faerie dragons and slaad. (CR 1 to 26)
    The Fey Folio - WiP.
    Flask Robonoid - from Steven Universe! (CR 0)
    Frostlings & Winter Wolf Pup - also commissioned by RavenJovan. (CR 1/4 & 0)
    The Kraegg (Adult, Ultimate & Young) - a boss monster commissioned by 1Forge. I'm not sure about the CRs of the Young and Adult versions, but the Ultimate version is equivalent to CR 23.
    Kobolds - several new types, specialised to different battlefield roles. (CR 1 to 5)
    Kuda-gitsune - a remake of the pipefox from PF. A cute, magical familiar. (CR 0)
    Miniature Rag Doll - a cute familiar for the Children's Toys campaign. (CR 0)
    The Morhorric - a aquatic, equine monstrosity. (CR 2)
    Oozes - a whole pack filled with slimes, jellies and flans!
    Pearl - also from Steven Universe! (CR 3)
    Pet Cemetery - a collection of undead familiars. (CR 0 to 1/2)
    The Runehound - a port from MM3, commissioned by Rattigan. (CR 3)
    The Sylvan Colossus - a fey giant! (CR 8)
    The Taken and the Taken King - fiend-possessed tieflings, commissioned by 1Forge. (CR 1/4 & Paragon 2(2))
    Under the Sea - a pack of aquatic familiars. (CR 0 and 1/4)
    Wily Coyote and Friends - a variety of coyote-themed monsters. (CR 1/8 to 5)
    The Winged Haunter - a flying, undead harpy. (CR 2)

    Magic Item Monday - another weekly feature on my Tumblr, wherein I post one or more magic items at 10:00am GMT, every Monday. Also sometimes artwork! And yes, there is an index.

    Cold-themed items - commissioned by RavenJovan.
    9 Cursed Magic Items - cursed items that are actually good, if you're careful about how you use them.
    Dungeon Chic and Elven Haute Couture - a whole raft of new outfits and accessories.
    The Enchiridion - a magic book from Adventure Time.
    Exotic Weapons - you know you want them!
    7 Festive Magic Items - happy holidays, all year round!
    14 Magic Accessories - gotta accessorise, darlings!
    7 Magic Garments - magical clothes for barbarians, monks, sorcerers and wizards.
    Random Magic Items - five new magic items, based on randomly-generated names.
    7 Silly Mundane Items - because adventurers love using random things for purposes they were never made for.
    Simple Magic Items - some nice, common items to fill out your magic item shops.
    Specialist Daggers - 7 new types of dagger, usable by anyone with dagger proficiency.

    HSHC Stuff

    Miscellaneous Stuff
    Acronym/Slang Explainer - a comprehensive list of all the acronyms, initialisms, abbreviations and slang terms you need to navigate the 5e subforum.
    Character Generator - generates complete characters, including personality and backstory (not yet complete).
    Commonly Mispronounced Words - a short list of my preferred pronunciations.
    Draconic, New Dethek & New Espruar - three OpenType fonts, based on the samples from the 5e PHB.
    Gifs of Chaika - a collection of handmade gifs showing spellcasting in the Hitsugi no Chaika anime.
    God Matrix - searchable matrix of all FR deities.
    Holiday Matrix - searchable matrix of all FR holy days.
    Monster Describer - produces unique descriptions for monsters; no more Goblin A, Goblin B and Goblin C!
    Spell Matrix - a searchable matrix of spells (includes Elemental Evil and my own homebrew).
    Tool Matrix - my extended list of tools, instruments, games and languages (FR).

    Me, by Other 'Brewers
    Ninja_Prawn's Brilliant Fusion - a 2nd level evocation by Socratov.
    Ninja_Prawn's Sudden Flip - a 5th level abjuration by Shining Wrath.
    Sarcasm - a cleric domain by Shining Wrath.
    Skulk of the Sea - a roguish archetype by JNAProductions.
    The Fey Creators - an organisation by JNAProductions
    The Fey Crafter - an NPC by JNAProductions
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