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    Enough idle chatter. There is one permission as yet unpaired. This cannot be allowed to continue!

    Quote Originally Posted by Svata View Post
    Blue/silver dragon fan here, though whites and bronzes are my second favorites of their types (or whatever you call the chromatic/metallic divide).

    Also, permission, and stuff.
    Svata's Bracers of Bound Elements
    Price: 30,000
    Body Slot: Arms
    Caster Level: 9th
    Aura: Moderate; (DC 20) Evocation
    Activation: and Swift (command word)
    Weight: 2 lbs

    These red metal bracers have bound within them the energies of fire, wind, smoke, and the pyroclastic storm. When worn the wearer gains a +1 competence bonus to their caster level for arcane spells with the [fire] descriptor, as well as Control Winds and Control Weather. In addition the wearer may expend an arcane spell slot as a swift action to conjure wind or fire. If they conjure wind they gain a bonus to ranged (non touch) attack rolls until end of turn equal to twice the level of the expended spell slot. If they conjure fire they gain +1d4 fire damage/level of expended slot to all melee weapon attacks until end of turn.

    Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Pyrotechnics, Control Winds
    Cost to Create: 15,000 GP and 120 XP WHEEEE PRICING!
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