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    Still waiting for feedback on the updated Leraje's Arrow.

    Here's my alternate take on Amon, including two completely new abilities and a different damage feature any feedback would be much appreciated.
    Spoiler: Amon
    The Void Before The Altar
    1st Level vestige:
    DC: 15
    Sign: You grow a set of curling ram-like horns on your head.

    Languages: Choose either Celestial or Infernal

    You can see dim light within 60 feet as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You cannot discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.

    You have advantage on all ability check and attack roll contests made against another binder. When you reach 13th level, the benefits of this ability also apply to contest rolls made against Aberrations, Celestials, Fey, Fiends or undead, as well as mortals possessed by these creatures or have ever formed a pact with them.

    When you breathe, flames churn within your lungs, eager to be let loose upon your foes. You can use your action to exhale a 15-foot cone of fire from your mouth, any creature caught within the fire takes 1d6 fire damage or takes half as much if it makes a successful Dexterity saving throw. alternatively, you can hold your breath for up to 2 rounds, each round you hold your fiery breath increases the damage of this feature (as noted on the table below)(in which case you exhale the fiery breathe on your 3rd round as an action) holding your breathe in this way requires concentration. Your breath also ignites any flammable objects that are not being worn or carried. Trying to hold your fiery breath for longer than 2 rounds results in a smokey cough fit, ending your effect and dealing you 1d8 points of fire damage. Fire resistance and immunity does not affect fire damage you inflict upon yourself by holding your breath longer than 2 rounds.
    Starting at 6th level, and again at 14th level, the damage you inflict with Breathe Fire (as well as the damage increase from holding your breathe) increases as (as indicated on the table below:
    Level\Time holding breath 1 action 1 round 2 rounds
    1st 1d6 1d6+1d8 1d6+3d8
    6th 2d6 2d6+2d8 2d6+5d8
    14th 4d6 4d6+3d8 4d6+9d8

    Spoiler: notes
    HTML Code:
    Breathe fire was built from a simple damage mechanic, I originally wanted to just give Amon fire bolt but I simply couldn't do it. Likewise, A dragonborn's breath feels very lackluster to me, as it scales poorly for a rest-powered ability. What evolved from it was something different - the concept of holding your breath at the prospect of better damage. All I had for reference are the dungeon master table for spell damage and the notion that holding your breath needs to be worth paying up a round or two of combat. It should also be harder to abuse, because if you want to optimize damage at the first round of combat, you will have to start charging your "solarbeam" precisely 2 rounds prior to combat (which is highly unlikely to time just right unless your GM throws you a bone) you can not simply "hold the charge" for as long as you like and get maximum damage, especially not with the coughing fit barring more than 2 rounds of holding it in.
    Notice that this is an at-will ability, this is because by my logic a battle in 5e is usually over within 3 rounds anyway, so holding your breathing is impractical more than once per encounter anyway.

    The horns granted to you by Amon are strong and sturdy. You can use the horns on your head as a melee weapon which you are proficient with. Your horns deal 1d8 bludgeoning damage, plus your strength modifier. You have advantage on your attack roll if you move at least 10 feet in a straight line right before attacking the target. You must bear Amon's sign to use this feature.

    As an action, Amon let's you sound the horns on your head, making for an eerie battle cry. Any enemies within 30 must succeed on a wisdom saving throw or become frightened for 1d4 rounds, and your melee weapon attacks against frightened creatures deal an additional 1d6 damage for the duration. Once you have used this feature, you can not use it again until you have completed a short or long rest. You must bear Amon's sign to use this feature.

    Amon is a spiteful vestige who harms those who attack you, Whenever you are hit and dealt damage from an attack by a creature you can see that is within your reach, you can use your reaction to force the attacking creature to take 1d4+1 damage per 2 dice of damage you received from that attack (maximum 10d4+10). The type of damage you deal is the same type as the damage that triggered this feature (if there are multiple types of damage, you decide which of those types to use).

    Spoiler: Legend
    Ancient texts suggest that Amon is what little remains of an ancient deity who died a millennia ago. In his prime, Amon had been worshipped by thousands, but but he gradually lost his power, as his followers converted to more responsive deities. Through sheer willpower alone he escaped eternal rest in the astral planes, and his soul found refuge in the outer planes, where the soul of this once mighty god of light and law deformed into a foul and hateful spirit.

    Amon hates everyone and everything, and demands for you to spread fear and discord among the people. And beckons you to weaponize chaos and destruction. A binder tempted by his words has disadvantage on charisma checks to bind Amon. On the same token, his Demi-existence in the far realms of existence has made him very gullible, and pacts with Amon that are built on lies are made with advantage.

    If you make a poor pact with Amon, he influences your personality in one or both of the following ways:
    Influence Description
    Personality Trait I have a naturally foul temper.
    Ideal Anarchy. I strongly disapprove of the leading faith(s) and/or faction(s), and perhaps even the ruler.
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