Lord Lagerin Of House Sarkandis

Age: 25
Gender: Male
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 150 pounds
Species: Human
Station: scheming noble-martial artist-scholar-occultist

He has slicked back, blast hair tied up in pony tail, his yellow snake-like eyes are framed with narrow glasses, and he has a calm demeanor about him with a nobleman's smirk on his lips. His figure is lean and he wears a cyan martial arts gi with long loose sleeves and sandals.

He is an ambitious, lying sociopath with no regards for anyone else. He is sophisticated and polite because he was raised a noble, putting on a mask over everything he does and always scheming for the next road to power, the next height he can achieve. He does not care how he achieve power or what form his ambitions are realized, just as so long as they are, and is flexible in how to do so. Whatever tactic he thinks will get him power, he will try it.


He was born to House Sarkandis, his mother dying in childbirth. Unfortunately he was born a sociopath and thus is unable to empathize or truly understand any of the people around him. Problem is a noble's environment is one where a sociopath thrives, being taught both by nature and nurture that other people are nothing but things to you to use as you please. At fifteen he killed his father by poisoning his drink, and from the ten years on he inherited House Sarkandis and did his best gain all the power he could for himself, studying into dark fields from forbidden martial arts techniques to demonic occult rituals.

Following a tip from Lord Gero-whom believes him to be nothing but a dear friend-, he investigated Promethon and learned about his golems. Seeing an opportunity to capitalize on, he went to Solitus and persuaded him to steal the scroll to make golems to make his own army to conquer the world. His plan would be to learn how to make the golems then put in a backdoor spell into them to make sure that when the time was right they would obey his commands over Solitus's and kill him, and then he would either sell them to become the richest man in the world or conquer it himself, whichever one was more plausible. However that plan has been foiled...

Story So Far:

-Gave up the scroll and the clay to the Arcosians

-Tried to investigate the Dragon Balls and failed.

-found Iris's pod and showed it to Professor Gero and other scientists, in the hopes that one day it will lead to a spaceship where he could go find aliens and gain power from them somehow, and probably kickstarting a scientific revolution on Earth as a side-effect.

-made a deal with a demon to gain 900 more PL's and eight oni's to serve as his minions to help get the essence of Oxyribo so that he can inject it into himself and gain his powers.


Power Level: 1050


Fine tuned and sophisticated, Lagerin is always aware of changes in others power

He can hide his power with ease, being very disciplined and refined in his use of ki. This is good for him, because his ki is tainted by his pact with a demon, gaining power through such means inherently taints his ki and marks him as one who deals with demons.

Snake Martial Artist:
He has a defensive fighting style, waiting for people to come to him, then lashing out and striking with speed in response to their attacks.

Poisonous Ki Strikes:
Both his punches and his ki blasts are poisonous to other people's ki. This poison ki does not attack their physical body or immune system but rather their very ki, the energy of their being. This means that it bypasses things like regeneration altogether and will only harm those who try to absorb his blasts.

Snake Redirection Technique:
While he knows no special ki attacks, he knows one special ki defensive technique where he he spins around, drawing all incoming ki attacks and bending and turning them into various snakes made out of green shining poisonous ki then throwing them all back at his opponents in all directions. He uses this technique in conjunction with the previous one to give his fighting style a "screwed if you, screwed if you don't" mentality, the entire idea being that he has the advantage whether ranged or melee. There are however a few weaknesses:
-He can't use the Snake Redirection Technique while fighting in close combat
-He can't infect people through weaponry
-He can't redirect solid things thrown at him either normally or thrown by telekinesis

Demonic Last Resort Transformation:
He can as a last resort, give up his soul to the demon he made a deal with to double his power permanently, thus turning him into a demon in the process

Occult Knowledge:
Has great knowledge of many earth occult rituals and magic and can perform them well.

Other information:

Owns a lot of money and a manor with a big occult library, largely on forbidden or dark magic
has eight oni minions.

The only detail I haven't worked out is how strong his eight Oni minions will be. I'm thinking they will all be at the same level of power, but I'm not sure what that power would be. I could say PL 500 or so to give people a challenge, but I want to see what you guys think, especially when Lagerin himself is already supposed to be a bit of a tough opponent because of how his fighting style is set up.