I don’t think psionic artificer qualifies for Tashalatora, though my ability to make this statement is hampered by two points:

  • There is no hard-and-fast definition of “psionic class,” unlike “psionic character.”
    • Expanded Psionics Handbook says “The four psionic classes [...are psion, psychic warrior, soulknife, and wilder].”
      • It then goes on to describe manifesters, specifically, rather than psionic classes, generally, discussing the power point reserve and how it reacts to high ability scores and multiclassing. These attributes cannot be required of a psionic class, since soulknife does not have a power point reserve.
    • Complete Psionic says “[the psion, psychic warrior, soulknife, and wilder are] not the only psionic classes the game could feature. This chapter presents three new character classes for psionic characters,” and says nothing else that is relevant.
  • Psionic artificer is a ridiculously-vague variant class, more suited to an Adaptation section than a full variant class.

Anyway, my argument is this: the psionic artificer is not a psionic class.

  • It is never labeled as such by Magic of Eberron, unlike ardent, divine mind [which shouldn’t be a psionic class itself], lurk, psion, psychic warrior, soulknife, or wilder.
    • Magic of Eberron does say it counts as artificer, you can’t have levels in both, etc.
  • The fluff actually emphasizes that “innate psionic talent” is not necessary to be a psionic artificer – but then, magic ability isn’t necessary for regular artificers.
  • It does not grant power points, thus a psionic artificer would not be a psionic character by virtue of that class.
  • Infusions are still cast, as spells, including references to sorcerer spellcasting mechanics, still apply metamagic feats, still have leveled infusions per day, and so on.

The lack of any label saying “this is a psionic class,” combined with the lack of power points, granting of the [Psionic] subtype, or manifesting-like ability, indicate to me that despite its ability with psionic items, the psionic artificer is still a spellcasting-like class, not a manifesting-like class, and thus is not actually psionic.

Which is dumb, but then the variant itself is pretty dumb. Cool idea, lazy execution.