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The Para-Elemental Plane of Paladins (And Loyalty)

Yes I know it's actually Quasi Elemental, but I do it for the sake of alliteration

At the cusp of the very highest reaches of the Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia, where the borders with the ever flowing life of the Positive Energy Plane wear thin lies a small demiplane resort, reserved for only the most exalted and loyal champions of good. The entrance to this plane plane, the Para-Elemental Plane of Paladins, is forever guarded by nine exalted Valkyries who test the worthiness of those seeking entrance. Though they will turn away anyone who fails to meet their exacting standards, the Valkyries are not heartless and will render what aid they can to anyone who seeks their help, including offering guidance to those who seek entrance to the plane itself.

Meeting the requirements necessary to enter the plane is extremely tricky: one must be an absolute champion of Good, unbound by duty to a deity, who has undertaken and succeeded on a great task to rid the world of a powerful evil such as a powerful demon or devil, the destruction of a major artifact of evil, or the redemption of a truly evil mortal. In addition, there is one other requirement that the Valkyries will not share: the entrant must have suffered some sort of taint or fall as a part of their journey and over come it or returned to their righteous path though atonement. For only those who have truly experienced the depravity of evil can understand the true value of good.

Inside the Plane

Upon gaining entrance to the Para-Elemental Plane of Paladins, one is immediately filled with life energy and renewal. The entrant is immediately subjected to the following spell-like effects: heal, remove curse, break enchantment, regeneration, and Polypurpose Panacea. The plane serves as a resort, and is filled with bounteous nature: trees ever ripe with delicious fruit, fields of golden grains as far as the eye can see, deep lakes and rivers full of perfectly clean water, and ancient forests full of beasts that can be hunted for sport and glory. Beautiful villas dot the countryside, with fountains from which flow whines and ales of exceptional quality and potency. The weather is always perfect, alternating between bright sunny days and gentle rains in the evening, with never a cloud in the sky save those that inspire works of great art.

The denizens of the plane, a collection of lesser celestials and mortal souls who lived truly pure lives, act as guides, companions and servants to the visitors to the plane, attending to their every need during their stay.

Here, the greatest champions of good rest and recover from their fights in order to ready themselves for the next great challenge. At any given time there are at least a dozen legendary champions of Good, all of whom are willing to share their advice and wisdom to their companions.

Time within the plane is limited though. This is a place of rest and relaxation, but the living soon find themselves eager to return to their own world and to continue the work of spreading good and justice throughout the land. It is rare for a living extraplanar (from the perspective of the plane) creature to remain for more than a month.

Upon leaving, the champions of good are gifted one final present. A contingent true resurrection is placed upon them after their first visit. Should they be slain in their duty, this one time effect will raise them without any level loss or constitution damage, but it can only be applied once.

Planar Traits

There is only one entrance or exit to The Para-Elemental Plane of Paladins as detailed above. Within the plane itself it has the following traits:

Normal Gravity

Normal Time

Mildly Positive-Dominant

Strongly Good Aligned

Mildly Lawful Aligned

Special Trait: Nonlethal Plane Creatures slain on this plane return to life 24 hours later as if subject to a true resurrection spell, or wish spell. It is impossible to prevent this from occurring while on the plane itself.