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Agreed! 10 points to Crazyndore!

But I have a really bad feeling that the hanging of Morgan is very, very close

Still, I can't wait to see how this battle turns out.
Attempted Hanging. I get the feeling that Morgan is going to survive it. But yeah, I think we've almost hit that point as well.

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New comic.

Maynard is still out. Let's hope he recovers in time to do something helpful.

Thatch seems to come back, in a really bad situation. Well maybe not bad but troublesome. What is bad about his situation is that he would have been useful in the coming battle. Autumn still gets points for the creative disposal of a enemy. And I really doubt the bag will hold our favorite lich forever.
I don't think Maynard is waking up for a long time if ever. He became the book or something.