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    Access granted.

    EDIT: Wait... Aren't I sort of already a plane? IZ, if you get me blacklisted from this thread, Me help you...
    Since nobody else has touched it:

    The Fel Red Fields

    The Fel Red Fields are a demiplane of the lower planes that is intermittently coterminous with all other lower planes. Portals to this plane can be accessed from Acheron, Baator, Gehenna, Hades, Carceri, the Abyss, and Pandemonium. While most of these portals appear randomly, there are several that are predictable enough that the Fel Red Fields are of key importance in the Blood War. In particular, there is a portal that opens directly to the 9th layer, Nessus, every 10,000 years. This means that the Fel Red Fields are one of the most highly valued strategic targets of the Blood War, for if any one side could gain a true foothold, the war could easily be over. Demons and Devils fight constant battles across this plane, aided by mercenary and slave fiends of the other planes, and even good aligned creatures on occasion (as the good aligned deities fear an end to the blood war more than anything else).

    Despite all this, the Denizens of the Fel Red Fields remain relatively untouched and unconcerned by the near constant bloodshed surrounding them. They often live and work in villages and towns built right in the middle of the great battlefields, using scraps of metal and stone from the blasted landscape to build their homes and mixing their mortar from the blood of fallen fiends. Fiends that visit these villages feel a strange and repressive sense of calm, the villagers are often willing to trade with anyone who visits them (at an appropriate markup, of course) but any attempts at violence or coercion are met with swift, and final, retribution. Rumors among veterans of these Blood War Battlefields make mention of the denizens being guarded by an ancient and terrible Evil, one that may be stronger than even Asmodeus or all the Demon Lords combined. What this entity's interest in the plane is, or whether it even exists is unknown and the denizens are unwilling to say.


    The blasted lands of the Red Fel Fields rarely retain a set geography or climate for long thanks to the devastating magics of the Blood War, but while the battles are fierce, nature here is fiercer. Wild growths of trees resplendent with toxic thorns spring up within minutes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are a near daily occurrence, and great storms and blizzards mark the passing of the seasons. Though again, the native denizens of the plane seem largely unconcerned and unaffected by these cataclysmic changes.

    Planar Traits

    Entrances to the demiplane can be found across all the lower planes, most entrances open and close randomly, but there are regular openings found on every layer of the Abyss that is owned by a Demon Prince, as well as the legendary portal that leads directly to Nessus.

    Normal Gravity

    Normal Time

    Strongly Evil Aligned (is there such a thing as overwhelmingly evil aligned?)