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    Default Silly 3.5 Template to go with a previous silly spell (Peaches welcome)

    So a while back I made the animal cracker shape spell (See here: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/shows...&postcount=107), that turned a willing subject into an animal cracker. While that is silly, I felt it was also incomplete. So there is the template that goes with it. For those unfamiliar with animal crackers, I thoroughly recommend watching this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cntYIkuthYg.

    Animal Cracker Template

    Casting animal cracker shapes transforms a willing creature into an animal cracker creature.


    An animal cracker creature is an acquired template that can be added to any will creature subjected to the animal cracker shapes spell.

    Size and Type: Size as base creature; Type changes to Construct and creature gains the Augmented Subtype but loses all other subtypes.

    Hit Dice: As base creature. Do not recalculate hit points, base attack bonus, saves or skills.

    Speed: As base creature. Base creatures with wings retain their flight speed but with Clumsy maneuverability; all others lose the ability to fly. If the base creature could swim it retains its swim speed. If the base creature could not swim, it gains a swim speed of 30 feet.

    Armor Class: Creatures lose all natural armor bonuses.

    Attack and Damage: Creatures retain their natural attacks. If base creature does not have a natural attack, it gains a slam attack with damage based on creature’s size.

    Size Damage
    Fine 1
    Diminutive 1d2
    Tiny 1d3
    Small 1d4
    Medium 1d6
    Large 1d8
    Huge 2d6
    Gargantuan 2d8
    Colossal 4d6

    Special Attacks: Creatures lose all Spell-like and Supernatural attacks but retain all Extraordinary attacks. If base creature can cast spells, so can the animal cracker creature. An animal cracker creature gains no new special attacks.

    Special Qualities: Creatures lose all their Spell-Like and Supernatural qualities but retain all Extraordinary qualities. Creatures gain all Construct Traits and the following:

    Delicious Flaw: Animal cracker creatures gain this as a bonus flaw even though they do not meet the prerequisites for it. They are always attacked first by monsters and are treated as 2 size categories smaller than they are for a monster’s Swallow Whole ability. See Dragon Magazine 330 pg. 87.

    Loop The Loop (Ex): Whenever immersed in soup1, the animal cracker creature must first spend a full round action doing a loop the loop.

    Soggy (Ex): An animal cracker creature takes 1 hit point of damage each round it is immersed in soup. If it leaves the soup, it recovers hit points lost to being soggy at a rate of 1 per round in a hot environment, 1 every two rounds in a temperate environment, and 1 every three rounds in a cold environment.

    Because Chicken Soup is Good for the Soul (Ex): Before an animal cracker creature can lose its final hit point due to being immersed in soup, the Deus Ex Machina (patron of Constructs) transports it to the nearest land mass (which incidentally may be on another plane of existence), where it immediately recovers with full health and loses the Animal Cracker template, reverting to the creature it was before it gained the template.

    Abilities: As base creature but as an animal cracker creature is a Construct, it has no Constitution score.

    Skills: As base creature.

    Feats: As base creature.

    Environment: As base creature.

    Organization: As base creature

    Challenge Rating: Same as the base creature -1; creatures with less than CR 1 have their CR halved (minimum 1/8). A creature cannot have a CR of 0. If the -1 would reduce the CR to 0, the creature has a CR of 1/2.

    Treasure: As base creature.

    Alignment: As base creature

    Advancement: By character class.

    Level Adjustment: None.

    1 If there is no large body of soup in your campaign, substitute a body of water. After all, soup can be served at any temperature.

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