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    Elricaltovilla's Extended Signature

    Elric's Crappy Homebrew
    The Bushi Base Class
    Bladesworn Prestige Class
    Enduring Mountain Discipline (P.E.A.C.H. PLEASE)

    Elric's Campaign Logs

    Elric's Path of War Guides
    All Path of War Guides (Not up to date)

    Elric As Things
    Vestige (By Red Fel)
    Race (By Red Fel)
    Legendary Weapon (By Red Fel)
    Weapon Enchantment (By Stack)
    Akashic Veil (By Ssalarn)
    Martial Stance (By Stack)
    ACF (By Sgt. Cookie)
    Another ACF (By Zaydos)
    Prestige Class (By LoyalPaladin)
    Deity (By Red Fel)
    Elder Evil (By LoyalPaladin)
    Another Elder Evil (By Psybomb)